Why it’s time for drones, worker robots, biometrics and other emerging technologies to shine, and what consumers expect from brands during the COVID-19 crisis.
How COVID-19 Is Fast-Tracking Emerging Technologies; What Consumers Expect from Brands During the Outbreak

While the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a major drag on the global economy, it’s helping to accelerate the development and commercialization of several emerging technologies that previously received lukewarm public and/or government support. This is especially true for innovations that reduce human-to-human contact, automate processes and increase productivity amid social distancing.

Delivery Drones

The coronavirus outbreak has given automated delivery a new sense of urgency. In China, JD.com, Pudu Technology and others have mobilized drones and robots to transport medical supplies within hospitals and clinics as well as to bring food, supplies and medicines to people confined to their homes. Support for drones in ecommerce is also ticking up. In the US and elsewhere, a growing list of companies, including Amazon, UPS, Alphabet, Domino’s Pizza and Walmart, are already testing drones to help cut last-mile delivery costs for products like retail items, medicines and fast food. Gartner anticipates that 24.9 thousand enterprise drones designed for this purpose will ship worldwide this year, though those figures were released in December 2019, prior to the outbreak.

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