With connected TV adoption rising, advertisers are keen to access an increasingly sizable audience on a sizable screen. In fact, many connected TV ad buyers may pay north of $20 CPMs to do so, according to a new digital ad pricing statpack that eMarketer will be releasing April 10.
Ad Buyers Usually Pay More Than $20 For Connected TV CPMs

Over the past few years, interest—and investment—in connected TV advertising has been growing. Advertisers, eager to combine the benefits of digital media buying and measurement with the appeal of sound and motion on the biggest living room screen, are paying top dollar to do so—$20 CPMs or more, according to our research.

Each year, we ask buy- and sell-side sources to anonymously share pricing information for our annual look at ad pricing trends. And according to three US buy-side sources, CPMs for in-stream ads on connected TV ranged from $19.84 to $28.33 during the timeframe of Q4 2017 to Q4 2018.

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